chambelland shops

To our mind, a bread that is “in a class of its own” calls for a shop that is “in a class of its own”. The chambelland firm is not just a bakery, it is a philosophy. This is why we wanted our bakeries to be places where people enjoy coming for breakfast, lunch and snacks: pleasant places where people are happy to be with others, work alone or with colleagues, or chat with friends…



the chambelland spirit

Places to enjoy life and good food

Chambelland shops are at home in warm, lively districts: in the heart of the Village Popincourt in Paris, Ixelles in Bruxelles or Laurentplein in Gent. For the founders Nathaniel and Thomas, it was important to create places that had a soul. Hybrid places where there was interaction between the inside and the outside, and where customer reception areas cohabit with production areas. Places where we like to work and where we like to receive people.

sit down & take a break

Enjoy eating and drinking... and enjoy life too!

From the early hours of the day, a whole world wakes up in the heart of and around chambelland. Regulars or passers-by, alone or in groups, with friends or family… our tea room and terrace are the perfect spot for taking a breather, working, reading or chatting. Our fresh, simple, healthy and tasty breakfasts and lunches are a perfect opportunity to take a real break. Coffees, teas, herbal teas and our sweet or savoury “little treats” mark out the day in a warm and friendly atmosphere.



gouter chez chambelland

Paris Batignolles

43 rue Brochant 75017

+33 1 40 25 04 68

monday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm
closed tuesday
wednesday to saturday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm
and sunday from 9am to 2pm
in-shop pickup

boutique chambelland Paris

Paris Oberkampf

14 rue Ternaux 75011

+33 1 43 55 07 30

from Monday to Saturday

from 8h30  to 7h30


9h to 18h

in-shop pickup

Grocery Store Corner
The Pump

61 rue de la pompe 75016 Paris

from Monday to Sunday

from 8h30 to 20h30


from 10h00 to 19h30


Drève Richelle 13, 1410 Waterloo

0032 2 427 79 95

from Monday to Sunday

from 7h30 to 19h30

in-shop pickup


42, avenue de l’université 1050 Bruxelles

+32 2 751 48 44

from Monday to Sunday

from 7h30 to 19h30

in-shop pickup

boutique chambelland Gant


François Laurentplein 4, 9000 Gant

+32 9 220 99 22

from Tuesday to Saturday

from 8h to 19h


from 9h to 17h

in-shop pickup


2 Rue de la Grève, 1643 Luxembourg

+352 2 793 5949

from Monday to Sunday
from 7h30 to 19h00
from 08h00 to 18h00

in-shop pickup