L’offre déjeuner chez Chambelland

Lunch selection

Our rice-based savoury range is available from 11.30am. Chambelland’s lunch selection has set a trend for expertly-baked snacks. Savoury tarts, bruschettas and soups are the midday stars. The latest addition in 2020 is kome*, now the Paris bakery’s signature dish.  Admit it: finding all these organic delights made on-site with the queen of cereals (rice) is sheer heaven!




Lunch selection

le komé

Komé (Paris Only)

With Kome, we set out to use rice in a different format. Kome is a dish of instant noodles made of rice flour and roasted buckwheat flour, served with a tasty broth and roasted seasonal vegetables. Kome is also available in a wholegrain-rice version. Allergens: none

le soupe

Soup OR Salad

Seasonal vegetables



Focaccia base, tomato sauce + choice of vegetables (sweet peppers, aubergine, feta, courgette, Emmental)
Allergens: lactose, for the bruschettas containing cheese


Brunch (Paris Only)

coming soon !

We do not take reservations. Our deliveries are currently limited to Paris and Brussels.