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chambelland® breads are organic*, naturally gluten-free, fermented with natural yeast, and made with rice and buckwheat flours. They combine hard-to-resist taste qualities with excellent nutritional values. As tradition makes room for technical innovation, round loaves and baguettes are making room for tasty rectangular-shaped loafs. Instead of simply copying existing shapes, Chambelland bakers are ushering in a different conception of bread.(*ECOCERT certified).



our range

le village pain chambelland

village bread

The bread of the village chambelland is the natural recipe of our range. It is made of wholemeal rice and sorghum flours, filtered water, natural rice leaven, olive oil and salt.
It is the perfect balance between a strong crust and a soft crumb with delicate aromas. To be mixed or spread as you wish…

5-grain bread

Chambelland's best-selling 5-grain bread combines our signature recipe and a crust topped with sesame, sunflower, poppy and brown and toasted flax seeds.
On top of its excellent nutritional qualities, this bread brings a little touch of fantasy to the table.

athlete chambelland

athletes' bread

chambelland Athletes' Bread contains hazelnuts, dried figs, dried apricots and raisins. A winning combination for a tasty, filling snack or to accompany a sweet and savoury dish. Perfect with a little, very soft and mild goat's cheese.

chambellines chambelland


Chambellines are the small-sized version of the village bread, either plain or with a five-grain topping. Their slim format makes them easy to take away and eat anywhere, anytime, with coffee, a savoury dish or cheese. They are also the ideal option for a home-made sandwich.

foccacia chambelland


chambelland foccacia, with a rice flour base, come in plain, poppy seed, sesame seed, garnished with Kalamata black olives or pissaladièrestyle, and are every bit as good as their Italian equivalent. Light, melt-in-the-mouth and crunchy if toasted, they are perfect with pre-dinner drinks or as a hearty savoury starter.

pains de sucre chambelland

Sugar breads

Chambelland sugar breads, flavoured with orange-flower water, with or without preserved orange peel and chocolate chips, or alternatively with raisins and vanilla, are our idea of a delicious treat. Kneaded with rice flour, their taste is a mixture of warm brioche, canneléand bread pudding. Irresistible.

pain cacao chambelland

Cocoa bread

Cocoa bread is a subtle combination of rice, buckwheat and a slightly bitter chocolate. The cocoa taste is pleasant without being strong, giving the bread the comforting character of cake. A perfect wake-up breakfast or energy-packed snack.

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from the grain of rice to bread

Rice, packed with goodness

The innovative concept behind the chambelland firm stems from a simple observation: although rice is the most frequently-consumed cereal in the world and is naturally gluten-free, it was still not used to make bread. And yet this ancient, eminently nutritious grain was just waiting to be used.


After extensive research, chambelland selected an organic, whole-grain, non-broken Japonica rice. The results was a bread free of chemical additives that was also, of course, gluten-free. One major advantage is that this raw material is grown nearby, on the Po Plain, thereby guaranteeing a seasonal product and a small carbon footprint.

Rice is packed with energy and essential nutrients, and its low glycaemic index means it sates hunger for longer. It is good for the planet, good for people’s health and, most importantly, good tasting: rice flour has a sweet coumarin scent that produces subtly-flavoured bread.



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What if our bread was made with a gluten-free ingredient, contained no chemical additives, was organic, scented and tasty, had excellent nutritional value and was compatible with sustainable development?
It was something the chambelland firm had dreamed of and finally found: rice!

how chambelland bread is made

A challenge for bakers

The innovative approach adopted by the chambelland firm is nevertheless strictly in line with traditional baking practices. Without any attempt to revise the basics or make compromises, bread is nothing more or less than the equation: flour + water + baking.

What sets the chambelland approach apart is the combination of know-how rooted in traditional baking techniques using natural yeast, and a technical feat: making bread from rice flour that was said to be unsuitable for breadmaking. It required a solid grounding in biology to develop an unprecedented process that gives chambelland bread a very thick crust but a crumb that is light and airy.


Once that had been achieved, nothing could stand in the way of chambelland’s creativity.  

« It began with the historic, symbolic profession of baking.
After that, it was our interest in rice and our love of bread that laid the foundations for chambelland.»
Thomas Teffri-Chambelland

Bread, rice and men

It takes specific know-how to make gluten-free bread: unique and exclusive recipes, specific manual techniques, the ability to shape loaves of bread like books… In short, the passion and demanding standards of our bakers, who are proud to work towards quality and the pleasure of eating good bread.