tarte au citron


Our range of gluten-free pastries with no additives or colorants, made from our rice and buckwheat flours, has a personality all of its own. We have given a new twist to old favourites with novel flavours, or simply crafted our own creations. We are artisan bakers set on offering tarts, cakes and choux pastries that are simple, delicious and generous.



iconic favourites

la gamme des tartelettes


Our little tarts vary with the seasons: red berry, apple, pear, walnut and lemon. However the showstopping Marquise Popincourt - our lemon meringue starlet - is available all year round.

les cookies


The chambelland spirit finds inspiration in every culture... especially when a culture has pastry-making gems. Chocolate and walnut cookies, tangy mint-crystallised ginger cookies, nut cookies and more: these classics from across the Atlantic are welcome at chambelland. Yum!

les gâteaux de voyage

Cakes to go

Our selection of crowd-pleasers from far and wide is ready to go. Share our lemon cake, marble cake, matcha cake, vegan-friendly banana bread, carrot cake and more at your next picnic or event.



la pâte à chou

Choux pastries

Our popular chouquettes and our vanilla, coffee, raspberry-verbena and blackcurrant-praline-coconut éclairs give a new twist to choux pastries, creating classic favourites that are not only delicious but also inventive.

Cakes for special events

Birthdays, weddings... every important event in life will find its answer in our gluten-free cakes designed for 6, 8, 12 or 18 guests. 




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the makers

Our team of pastry chefs is driven by creativity, R&D and a love of their job. Our watchwords are: simple, identifiable tastes and determination to eliminate any unnecessary additives.